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Why choose REERAS Hosting?

High technical support

REERAS has a distinguished technical support team that is always available throughout the day to assist and direct you properly

Free SSL Certificates

SSL certificate builds a secure, encrypted connection between the user and the server of your site, to prevent spying and data theft.

Money-back guarantee

If you encounter an issue, you can easily get your money back within 14 days

cPanel Control Panel

cPanel is your hosting control panel. It allows you to change settings in your account, set up email accounts, add domains, create a backup and more.

Ease to building your site

It is easy to build and customize your website using the many tools available on the control panel, such as WordPress, Joomla, OpenCart, Magento, and many other tools.

Immediate service activation

Your hosting service is activated immediately after completing the payment procedures

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The most frequently asked questions about shared hosting

Shared hosting is hosting more than one site on one server, where server resources are divided between these sites in order to reduce cost, and it is the most appropriate solution for small or medium sites

Bandwidth is the amount of monthly data transmission to and from the site, which is consumed from downloading or uploading pictures and videos to your site, or visitors entering your site and downloading or browsing these pictures and videos. Example: If you have a page on the Internet and you upload 10 pictures on this page and each picture is 1 MB in size, then you used up 10 MB of your monthly traffic, and if a visitor enters this page to browse it, he also consumes 10 MB of your monthly traffic balance Your site and so on.
Yes, you can upgrade and change the plan to any other plan at any time through your account with us. All the features related to the new plan will be applied to your site after the order is approved and the payment process is completed.