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Domain Reservation

Reserve a domain for your website

Shared Hosting

Fast web and mail hosting for your business

Web Development

Design your website in a short time with more security , stability and professionalism

Hardware Development

Design and develop your project and printed circuit with us

3D Printing

Design and print any shapes with best material , Lower prices and High accuracy


Team work experience

We derive our strength from the strength of our team that has great experience in the field of hosting and web design, as we work to provide the fastest, most innovative and advanced web solutions

After-sales service

We are always interested in supporting all our services, especially after sales, by a full team of hosting technical support engineers and customer service team around the clock. We emphasize the speed of response, analysis of the problem and solving it in the fastest time and in the best way, to provide the best service to our customers.

Best hosting prices

We always strive to provide the best hosting for websites at the cheapest prices, as REERAS has its own servers, and thus can provide the best hosting at the best price and the strongest technical support before and after booking the service.


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Customer reviews

One of the best companies in dealing ❤

Ahmed Ali

Actually, it is the best web hosting I have ever dealt with. Customer service mixing with good pricing will make them for sure, NUMBER ONE in Egypt. That’s really my first review ever but their treating and solving any problems i face, make me feel i must comment.
Thanks Reeras Technologies for best service you serve.

Dr.Hassan Moustafa