ريراس للتكنولوجيا – أفضل شركة استضافة مواقع مصرية

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We provide you a complete domain control panel, so you can easily manage your domain without assistance


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You can fully control the domain and manage its DNS


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We offer you domain protection and closing it to ensure that no change is made to it or transferred except through its owner

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The most frequently asked questions about the domain

is the name or address of the site that is written at the top of the browser in the address when you want to access a site. Like www.reeras.net

Yes, you get an independent control panel with your domain with full powers to control the domain, and you can add any domains to it after that in the future.

The way in which your site’s domain is linked to the server of the company hosting your site. Where you take its DNS from the company and go to the domain control panel and put it in it, and thus the domain is linked to your hosting